The Department has qualified faculties with rich industrial experience in various domains such as Animation, Visual Communication, Visual Effects, Audio-Video editing, Digital Design etc. To introduce our faculties –

Head of the Department
Bhaskar Saha,
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. in Multimedia Technology, BVA (Fine Arts), Ph.D. (pursuing), Diploma in 3D Animation.
(Area of Interest:  Animation & Multimedia, Visual Art, 3D Modelling Concept, Cartoon Concept Design, Typography Design, Graphics Design, Creativity & Design Innovation,Design research)
Email: b.saha@cit.ac.in
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Debarshi Kumar Brahma, Assistant Professor
MCA, Professional Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX.
(Area of Interest: Multimedia Communications, 3D Animation, Inorganic Modeling, Visual Effects, CG Lighting, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Game design and Gaming, Drawing and Sketching)
Email: dk.brahma@cit.ac.in
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Subash Rai, Assistant Professor
M.Sc. in Multimedia Technology, Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects.
(Area of Interest: Visual Effects, Animation, Photography Film Making, Graphic Design)
Email: s.rai@cit.ac.in
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Susmita Roy, Assistant Professor
Master of Arts in VFX and Animation, M.Sc in Information Technology.
(Area of Interest: Graphic Design, Typography, Information Graphics, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Animation, Photography, Web design)
Email: s.roy@cit.ac.in
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Abhijit_Padun Abhijit Padun, Assistant Professor
M.Des. (IIT Guwahati), B. Tech. (NIT Hamirpur), Ph.D. (pursuing), Advanced Diploma in 3D Modelling.
(Area of Interest: Visual Communication, Typography, 2D/3D Animation, Web Design, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Product Design, Branding, Design Research, Infographics, Virtual Reality)
Email: a.padun@cit.ac.in
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