The Department offers 4 year / 8 semester Bachelor of Design programme in Multimedia Communication and Design. The programme covers subjects of Multimedia, Visual Communication, Animation, Audio-Video editing, Gaming, Digital Design etc. The objective of the programme –

  • The B. Des programme at Multimedia Communication and Design is meant to develop Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Aptitude among students to become creative problem solvers and to bring about innovative ideas in the communication, multimedia and entertainment industry.
  • To get involved in research based and thematic projects of national interest as well as regional interest, and through that address Design Education and Design Research activities through collaborative teams of users, industry, NGOs and government.

COURSE STRUCTURE: Refer to syllabus section.


The Department offers 3 year / 6 semester Diploma programme in Animation and Multimedia Technology. The objective of the programme is to produce Diploma graduates with enhanced skills in the various areas of Animation and Visual Effects as per the requirements of the animation and entertainment Industry.

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Students have a wide range of career options which not only restricted to design field only but also areas on IT, Software and other such engineering areas. Just to mention, a students can choose “Design industry such as Advertising, Film and VFX, Animation, Gaming, Entertainment, Print production and so on, as well as other industries such as Web related, IT related, Mobile phone and Digital media industry etc.