Degree Syllabus

To give an outline of course structure for Bachelor of Design programme in Multimedia Communication and Design, following are the subjects:

1st Semester subjects:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Introduction to Design
  3. Fundamentals and Principles of Art
  4. Computer Fundamentals and Operation
  5. Drawing and Illustration Technique
  6. Design Studio – I (Digital Drawing Technique)

2nd Semester subjects:

  1. Professional Ethics & Human Value
  2. Introduction to Computer Programming
  3. Introduction to Multimedia Communications
  4. Introduction to Photography and Videography
  5. Introduction to Graphic Design
  6. Design Studio – II (Graphic Design project)

3rd Semester subjects:

  1. World of Images and Objects
  2. History of Art and Appreciation
  3. Fundamentals of Animation Design
  4. Concept of Storyboarding & Script Writing
  5. Concept of Film Making
  6. Design Studio – III*

4th Semester subjects:

  1. Multimedia Design Fundamentals
  2. Graphic Design for Communication
  3. Web Design Technology
  4. 2D Animation Techniques (Traditional & Modern)
  5. Audio Video Editing
  6. Design Studio – IV*

5th Semester subjects:

  1. Creative Thinking Process and Methods
  2. Clay Modelling
  3. 3D Modelling and Texturing
  4. CG Lighting and Rendering
  5. Design Studio – V*
  6. Elective (project based)#

6th Semester subjects:

  1. Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship
  2. Introduction to Game Design
  3. 3D Animation Technique
  4. Visual Effects & Digital Compositing
  5. Design Studio – VI*
  6. Elective (project based) #

7th Semester subjects:

  1. Animation Production Design
  2. Minor Project
  3. Design Management and Professional Practice
  4. Elective (project based) #

8th Semester subjects:

  1. Major Project (Thesis Project)
  2. Multimedia Design Research Seminar
  3. Elective (project based) #

* Design studio class will be based on project based exercises on the subjects taught in the previous semester

# Elective subjects given will be practical based where students have to execute projects based on learning.

Detailed syllabus has been published on the CIT Information Brochure 2017 uploaded on CIT main website.