Lab Facilities

The Multimedia Communication and Design Laboratory is currently equipped with 50 up-to-date High End Workstations including 10 iMacs for the students to work on 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Dynamics, Audio and Video Editing with the latest versions of the 3D Software installed and with Internet Connectivity.

2D Lab (Pre-production)

This lab is well equipped with 10 no’s of Light boxes to carry out 2D Classical animation (Cell animation). Also a system to digitize the hand drawn animations is allotted to line test their animations.

3D Lab1 (Production)

This is where the students start their lab sessions on Flash Animation, Web Design, Photoshop, Modeling, Texturing and Rigging using Autodesk.

Maya 3D Lab2 (Post-production)

The students in the Final year work on their post productions in this lab, which is equipped with more advanced hardware capable of running any dynamics or simulation thrown at it. This is where they learn on advanced topics such as animation, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing, and conduct VFX & simulation experiments.

Chroma Lab

This lab is where the students get to experiment on VFX shots. A green screen stage with lights and up to date cameras enable our students to learn the fundamentals of VFX and composition. It also acts as a room for them to work on their acting and performance.

Audio and Video Editing Lab

In this lab, the students get to learn Audio & Video editing on a different platform other than Windows. 10 iMac’s with Final cut pro enable them to learn about the process of NLE (Non Linear Editing).